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eared in one of the ais▓les, leaving Annie’s desire to see his fac▓e ungratified, and only permitting Lord St.Cla●ir to catch the outline of his f

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igure. “Wa▓s not Mrs.De Vere’s m

aiden na●me Castellan” St.Clair asked of Ann●ie, as they walked together from the ●church to the house o

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f their Italian fr▓iend, who had cl

aimed them for a petit soup▓er, and some music.The answer was in the affi▓rmative, and Lord St.Clair remarked it

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wo▓uld be strange if this young Span

ia●rd proved to be of the same fa▓mily.“I must seek him out.” ▓ “See his group first,” was the rejoinde●r of one of the party; w

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hile▓ to Annie the words seemed to dispers●e the miserable doubts again throng▓ing round her—being of the same▓ family might account for a c▓asual resemblance. It was w●ith some little difficulty Anni▓e was prevailed upon to sing; but▓ when once seated at her harp, timid●ity gave place to her real love of the ar●t, and the simple purity, the touching pa●thos of her style charmed all who heard.The e●ntrance of a guest had not int●errupted her, nor disturbed the listeners▓.Lord St.Clair was amused at the look of ●admiring perplexity wi


th which he regarded Ann●ie, not himself perceiving that▓, where the Italian stood, the light f▓ell upon her countenance, so as to give it


a dif▓ferent appearance and expressio▓n to that which was generally ▓perceivable. Approaching her, as soon as the▓ buzz of admi


ration had somewhat subside●d, he engaged her in animated con▓versation; nor was Lord St.Clair’s curios▓ity lessened by hearing him inquir